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Statement on Diversity and Inclusion
Our hearts go out to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor (and sadly many others we have not named here) and to all people who are victims of injustice, brutality, and prejudice. Leadership California focuses on education and actions that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and these values are at the core of our mission. To us, it is about bringing together women of different backgrounds, ethnicities, professional experiences, and stages of their career and giving a voice to those differences—in short, celebrating intersectionality. Leadership California is committed to policies and practices that make our organization inclusive for everyone. 

Education for leaders is an important step in eliminating unconscious bias, implicit bias and creating awareness of our own blind spot bias, and are critical components of becoming an effective ally and leader. As leaders we must start with ourselves and ensure that we have the awareness about our own bias and how that impacts everything that we do so that we can more effectively shape the policies around us. We are sharing the following resources to help get you started on that journey.

         Watch: Who? Me? Biased?
         Assess your own bias awareness by completing Implicit Association Tests .
         Read these resources about unconscious bias and the impact in the world:
         Support conversations with children with these suggested resources

We look to all leaders to take action, speak up against injustices and work together to rectify inequities in our communities.

Warm regards,
Leadership California Board of Directors