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Pamela Hemann Scholarship Fund

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Pamela Hemann Scholarship Fund
In honor of long-time executive director Pamela Hemann, the Leadership California Board of Directors has established to Pamela Hemann Scholarship Fund to assist candidates for the California Issues & Trends Program (CIT) with tuition.  Pam was visionary about Leadership California's imperative to be inclusive of women across the state.  Pam states the following about Leadership California's diversity & inclusion value proposition:

"Bringing together diverse female leaders and role models is central to our work. In fact, the transformative growth experiences we seek to create are made possible only through intentional consideration of both content and people when developing our programs. Our focus on diversity and inclusion applies to the structuring of our programs as well as our organization itself. Participants have benefited from our increasing attention to this aspect of our work, which integrates differences in race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, income, sector, and geography as critical components of the learning experience of Leadership California programs."

CIT Scholarships cover a portion of tuition and make it possible for women from nonprofit organizations and local governments, whose organization does not always have the budget flexibility to cover CIT tuition.  For us this is a core strategy, since cultivating leaders in an inclusive environment is key to our mission of Moving Women from Success to Significance.

"I cannot think of a better tribute to me than a perpetual scholarship program that keeps my vision of an inclusive CIT a reality and continued priority. My sincere thanks to those who have launched this effort at $10,000 each, Past President Paula March, Marchpartners and my dear LC sisters at Symantec Corporation.